The Zen with Jenn storytelling yoga classes are designed to be enticing, fun as well as educational by integrating fascinating facts about anatomy, science, Nature and philosophy. They also promote imagination, breath awareness, relaxation, concentration, physical exercise, as well as self-respect and respect for others.
It’s a recipe for happiness!

Here is Zen with Jenn’s secret recipe:


Children embark on an interactive adventure by embodying yoga postures that are inspired by animals, people, objects and Nature. Each story has a meaningful theme such as environmental consciousness, compassion, discrimination, self-esteem, bullying, etc.

Benefits: The Yoga postures will develop flexibility, balance, coordination, and motor skills while toning and strengthening the physical body.


This essential and often neglected component holds a paramount place in Zen with Jenn’s program. Children learn how to breathe properly and use it as a tool to reduce everyday challenges. There are all kinds of different breathing exercises for various needs. For example: some relaxes and promotes sleep while others reenergizes and increases concentration. Some warm up, others cool down, etc. These techniques will also help them to develop their own understanding as to how breathing is at the service of relaxation and wellbeing.

Benefits: Yoga breathing techniques have been proven to aide and cure insomnia, hyperactivity, anxiety and breathing ailments such as asthma.


The pressures and demands of modern life affect children. More and more health problems arise from stress, allergies, asthma, A.D.D, etc. Like us adults, they need to learn how to relax. During guided relaxation, the child’s body and mind are in a state of deep rest, while being completely aware. This relaxing moment allows them to absorb all the benefits of the yoga practice and re-charge their batteries.

Benefits: Guided relaxation improves concentration, memory and learning abilities, reduces anxiety and insomnia, actives healing process, promotes feelings of wellbeing, strengthens the connection between body and mind.


Meditation and concentration games/exercises are incorporated into the program in order to develop concentration, increase memory and learning abilities, and induce peace of mind. It’s easier for children to learn abstract concepts while having fun!


Here, children discover the fascinating (and sometimes gross) world of their body’s geography, how to access their safe and easy inner pharmaceutical pressure points, how to choose a color to influence their self esteem, explore the secrets of Nature that is crazy close to their own inner world, and much much more!


The purpose of Circle Time is to encourage self-expression. The children are invited to share life examples related to the theme of the story. All the while, they develop sharing, listening, thought and social skills through the discussion of different topics that reflect the world around them.

*The Zen with Jenn program’s mission is to introduce the many amazing benefits of yoga and wellness to children by promoting physical activity (without the competitive edge), self-esteem and healthy life-style choices. It also offers children the space and opportunity to develop their imagination and state of wonder in order to preserve their capacity to see life as something magical and sacred.