The Queen Bee of Anything Healthy!

Om Om everyone, I’m Jenn Mallin and since 2001 I’ve had the privilege of teaching storytelling yoga and wellbeing to children in different schools across Montreal as my full time super yummy job!

I still remember how anxious I was as a kid during my school years. The stomach cramps, the insomnia and those nervous facial and breathing tic, sigh! Today I would have probably been diagnosed with OCD. Luckily I discovered yoga in college and learned calming techniques to manage stress. Still, the school system was a great source of anxiety for me so I understand and sympathize wholeheartedly with children and the youth of today.

I came to realize that the benefits of yoga and wellness information were easily accessible to adults whilst children were at the mercy of their parents. So my life mission became to provide children with the power of knowledge. I offer them easy and simple ways to bring healthy habits and insights to improve their quality of life, thus bringing concrete changes into their world, and who knows, maybe inspire adults to do the same (wink! wink!).

And lastly, I’m a mother of a 8 year old little Buddha who inspires and guides me every day in the art of parenting and especially in the art of being the best version of myself. As a single mom of a son with special needs, I had to put into practice all the concepts of my wellness and yoga trainings accumulated during the past twentyish years to improve our quality of life. These notions have been of great help and comfort to my child and to me.

It’s now my duty to share these simple and easy tools with you.

Everybody can benefit from adding a little more zen into their family lives and it’s easier than you think. Oh que oui c’est possible, trust me, been there, done that, bought the t-shirt and got the tattoo, actually got several tattoos!


Viniyoga (500 h) / Montréal
Sivananda Yoga (200 h) / Val Morin
Classical Hatha Bali Method (200h) / Montréal
Baron Baptiste Power Yoga Flow (112h) / New York
Yoga for the Special Child (98h) / New York & Chicago
Yoga Ed (40h) / New York
Yoga for Kids from Yoga Tree Studio (24h) / Montréal
Radiant Child Yoga (20h) / Montréal
Yogakids (17h) / Toronto
Yoga 4 Kids (10h) / Toronto


Jin Shin acupressure (Chinese Acupressure) (204 h) / Institut NHC, Montréal
Jin Shin Jyutsu (Japanese Acupressure) (105 h) / Toronto & New York
Reflexology I, II, III (60 h) / Institut Guijek, Montréal

I have always been fascinated by Nature, and how it affects human beings, on the physical, mental, and emotional level. It was the mysteries of the mind, body and Nature connection that brought me to study Acupressure and Chinese Medicine. Following my introduction to alternative medicines, and Eastern philosophies, I felt the need to rediscover my Native American origins. I was astonished to find many similarities between the beliefs of these two cultures, and how much they are rooted and influenced by the environment and ecology. I still receive the traditional native teachings with well-respected elders, who educate me in the art of living in harmony and symbiosis with Nature and the world.